Pool Bookings

The pool is here for you…..

“If you have a lane, you have a chance”.
Author Unknown

This pool was built for our community – so if you want to get in and get wet, please do !

Some ideas for other ways to use the pool are:

  • group classes
  • school groups
  • club training sessions
  • private and semi-private sessions
  • private and semi-private lessons
  • swimming training

Whether you want to book time with a swim instructor, or essentially have the pool “to yourselves” (we’ll provide the lifeguard), then come up with an idea and give us a call.

Some group options

Mansfield Aquatics can provide specialised learn-to-swim, water safety and survival programs for schools or other groups.

The programs have been designed with an appreciation for challenges facing groups, such as organisational, timetable, transport and staffing issues.

You will have exclusive pool usage to maximise learning and minimise distractions.

Life saving and survival skills can be incorporated into our programs.

Two program options:

  • Turn Key
  • Self Managed

Turn Key

Mansfield Aquatics runs the entire show from start to finish.

We provide qualified in-water staff, small and streamlined groups according to skills, abilities and confidence, and constant assessment of the swimmers to ensure continual personal achievement. An informative end of program certificate is provided for every child.

Self Managed

Schools can opt to run their own program by hiring out the pool

at an hourly rate or on a per pupil basis (we’ll provide the lifeguard/s).

The option remains for Mansfield Aquatics staff to be employed.