Our Team


We have a wonderfully enthusiastic and well qualified team of instructors on board…..

Learn-to-Swim Instructors

Jas Reid – One of the most amazing aquatic education instructors you’ll find; her passion is infectious and she is completely dedicated to progressing your child through skill development to being a competent swimmer. As Head Coach of the Mansfield Swim Club and with her own young children, Jas has a full complement of skills and experience which we’re very excited to have at Mansfield Aquatics.

Jas works alongside other qualified and experienced instructors who are passionate about delivering quality aquatic education classes for your children. Their own capabilities, as well as being mentored by Jas, creates a unified and enthusiastic team.

Your class will be lead by an instructor who will keep you moving and assist you to reach your full potential.

Qualified Physiotherapists

Our qualified physiotherapists are dedicated to their client’s needs and goals. Our therapists will either work in with your current program and/or advice from your physiotherapist. Alternatively, they will work with you and create a program that best suits your needs and abilities.

Our physiotherapists are:

  • Susan McCormick
  • Tash Logan-Williams


We have a fabulous, committed team of lifeguards who, just like you, are enjoying Mansfield having an indoor-year-round pool !



Babies with goggles

How did it all begin ?

Once Kim Stoney had little children running around she realised that it was at least an hour’s drive each way to take her children to the closest year-round swimming lessons.

Kim is a solid advocate of the value of swimming as a “life skill”. This is founded by the combination of her own upbringing where swimming was always incorporated, a mother who was not only a very keen swimmer herself, but also an AustSwim instructor, and now, as an adult and parent, the concern of children accessing dams, rivers and creeks without the skill of swimming being second nature to them.

It was quickly realised that Mansfield needed a year-round aquatic facility to primarily provide both learn-to-swim programs and aqua aerobics, as well as other aquatic uses.

Kim has four young children; Tilly, Jack, Bella and Sam.